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Music has always been part of Sean's life. 

Whether it was his parents introducing him to the nostalgic sounds of classic rock and 80's pop music, or his grandparents providing the classical and jazz portion, there was always music somewhere to be heard.


Fast forward, to where skateboarding and electric guitars were introduced, punk rock was the given soundtrack for the teen angst years. To Sean, there was no better expression to life than punk music, an ethos he carries with him to this day. Writing and playing music became an obsession. Expressing himself was key, which he was able to do in his first band, Pound4Pound.


Cue the pre-adult life, where metal core was king, which was an even angrier version of punk to him but also the more ambient side of things. Noticing certain bands would use instrumental soundscapes in their music, this changed the way Sean approached composing music. Unique chord voicings became a staple, whether he was composing death metal, punk or ambient riffs for his second band, Thanos.


Through his place of work, where he is a full time guitar teacher, he became part of a cover band. Playing popular music of the 50's to today's varieties. Playing rock, country, funk, ballads, etc...exposure lead to new ideas of what to do (or what not to do).


Being without a band or having a way to express himself, Sean discovered acoustic music. Realizing that many of his acoustic influences listened to heavy metal too, he put his efforts into composing solely for the acoustic guitar. This has lead all the way to today. 


Using tranquil soundscapes as a way to paint pictures of life and emotion, Sean puts every ounce of his being into bringing you on his musical journey with him. Each song tells as story, and every note has a purpose. So come out to a live show, say hello and lose yourself for a bit.


Sean currently resides in St.Albert (Edmonton), AB, with his wife, love of his life, Jill and his beautiful and wonderful kids Miles and Callie .

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